As a child, I experienced loneliness and confusion due to paranormal events which were way above my understanding. The events did not cause trauma in my life, but rather caused misunderstanding between me and my parents. My mother sincerely wanted to help and just wished that I woke up normal one day.
However, my gifts never stopped developing. They soon realized that it was ok for their child to be special. Even though growing up was not easy, I can only be thankful for the learning experience and the strength that I developed by going through my childhood. I am thankful for being able to share light in this beautiful world.
Fast forward to my 20’s while in Mexico, I had a near death experience that led me to a deeper and clearer connection with the spirit world. After the anointing I experienced from the guides that have been walking with me all my life, I was directed to Meditation, Esoteric Science, The Tarot Reading and Alternative Healing Techniques; like Acupressure, Reflexology, and Polarity Therapy. Modeling which was a way out for me, became less and less interesting as I realized that it was very materialistic and left me with an empty feeling. I no longer wanted to be the centre of attention on a photo-shoot. I used my earnings to open a coffee shop,where I discovered my inner yearning to nurture and grow things that connect people. It was a hub where all the young people would meet up and share their dreams. I was business woman by day, bookworm by night.
Understanding these schools of thought and approaches allowed me to finally have adept control of the gift I was born with. I felt fully at peace and happy for the first time in my life.
In my 30’s I fully opened up about my divine capabilities to my friends and developed a part-time practice which quickly became full time due to word of mouth. They were my first clients and promoters after they experienced the healing of unseen wounds in their spirit which improved their health and emotional stability. I was told I brought peace and communicated to them in a way they themselves can’t put in words. I tapped into the complex element of pure love. I sold the coffee shop and ventured on this path with all my energy and focus.
In 2015, I became a Holy Fire Reiki Master. During a meditation, my spirit guides revealed a unique hands-on healing technique and I was instructed to name it “The Enchanting Therapy”. This wonderful technique successfully heals the body, mind, and soul. I could see my clients experiencing amazing positive changes in all aspects of their lives. The hybrid therapy consists of clearing the aura, balancing the energy fields of the body, aligning and opening chakras, reiki, reflexology, acupressure, and holistic therapeutic massage. After several years of devout training I have developed an amazing connection with my spirit guides and I gratefully receive their messages to help every person that crosses my path.
I’m very thankful for having had the opportunity of acquiring and developing Luna Bohemia into a living space where I get to heal, love and share. I enjoy and love my practice because I learn just as much from those I help and teach. My profession is my passion. I am thankful to be a healing instrument. It gives me satisfaction to touch and awaken the inner longing of many people who are seeking spiritual growth. I am here to serve.

Love & light,

Ivonne Chevet

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