If you’re new to crystals for spiritual healing purposes, this beginner’s guide to crystals will help you get the best for yourself and keep their power strong.

If you’ve ever visited a crystal shop in Miami Florida, you were probably advised to pick the one you are most drawn to and buy it. This is indeed good guidance because, when it comes to metaphysical tools, it’s best to let ourselves be drawn to the unique vibrations of certain crystals.

When picking a crystal, you need to trust yourself completely and pick the one that calls you the loudest. You may opt to research the best crystals to pick, but it all comes down to one that you have a connection to.

The Luna Bohemia Shop, a metaphysical supply store in Miami, offers you help on how to pick, buy and use crystals along with keeping them powerful and effective.


Why Do You Need Crystals?

Crystals are tiny parts of the mineral kingdom that carry the same pure vibration as the earth. They are used for healing and help support our spiritual journey by maintaining a connection with the earth.

Crystals can easily be obtained at any affordable crystal store in Miami. Crystals such as clear quartz, amethyst, Jade, Citrine, and Tiger’s Eye are recommended for beginners.

To get one of these, be sure to visit a crystal shop in Miami, Florida like Luna Bohemia Shop, for a variety of healing crystals.

Crystals are useful in ridding ourselves of negative energy, protecting our energy fields, and promoting positive states of being like happiness and calmness. They also help heal broken energy such as feelings of insecurity or a broken heart.

To find out more about the benefits of crystals, you can visit a metaphysical shop in Miami, Florida to get a detailed explanation.


How To Use Crystals

There is really no wrong way to use crystals. You can have them on your body while you meditate or sleep with one under your pillow.

Others opt to place one in their work area or wear one around their neck as a necklace or on their wrists as bracelets. You can find crystal jewelry easily at any affordable crystal store in Miami.

You can also ingest and absorb their energy by drinking crystal water. To make your own crystal water, put some crystals in a jar and leave it out till sunset. You can use the water for drinking or cleaning depending on your needs.


Maintaining Their Power

Crystals tend to lose their energy over time therefore, they need some maintenance. To cleanse your crystals, it’s best to return them to nature where they can recharge.

You can do this by burying them in some soil for about a day or setting it out in the sun or moonlight. Alternatively, you can submerge the crystals in a running stream nearby.

For more guidance on how to maintain your crystals, visit a crystal shop in Miami, Florida and get some expert assistance.


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