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How are your chakras doing? Have you delved into your future recently? Looking to enhance your home’s spiritual ambiance? Enlighten your spirit and enter a magical world at Luna Bohemia, a Miami spiritual store with all the answers.
Your journey to a cleansed and balanced spiritual self begins in our humble shop. Luna Bohemia welcomes all those who are looking to balance themselves in ways beyond the conventional. If you are looking to open your mind to a different way of thinking and your heart to a different way of being, this is the place for you.
At Luna Bohemia, we treasure kindness, passion, and open-mindedness, which is why we carry metaphysical products across a wide variety of beliefs— including Buddhist, Wiccan, Nordic, Astrology, and so many more! We believe in drawing wisdom from many sources, rather than just one.
Explore our ever-changing inventory and schedule, and learn to enjoy the latest of our beautiful and exciting products, classes, workshops, and much more!
Ready to stop by? We are so excited to meet you and introduce you to the Luna Bohemia Family. Light and Love.
Keep an eye on our calendar for the latest upcoming classes and workshops, held here in our Miami shop! Come and shine your light at your local Metaphysical Spiritual Center, Luna Bohemia.

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Classes & Workshops

Miami’s Metaphysical Store for Everyone’s Spiritual Journey

Enjoy all of our new, beautiful, and exciting inventory, classes, workshops, and much more at our metaphysical store in Miami! We are excited to meet you and be part of our Luna Bohemia Family. Light and love.

Our Services


Open your mind to a different way of thinking. Open your heart to a different way of being. At Luna Bohemia, we offer Meditation, Astrology, Full Moon Circles, Reiki Healings, and more.

Our Services


We have an amazing team of well-experienced and gifted facilitators. Luna Bohemia looks forward to the opportunity of helping you heal in all aspects— emotionally and physically— guiding you through this mystic venture.

Featured Products


Everything you need to enhance your spiritual wellbeing, in one place. Luna Bohemia carries products for spiritualists of every belief and every practice.
One of our primary philosophies at Luna Bohemia is the importance of keeping an open mind. We know that there is no one path to complete spiritual healing— people of different backgrounds and different convictions will find value in an assortment of different products, which is why we carry items meant for all of these different kinds of people.
Our talented, expert staff awaits your visit, ready to help you find the products that will pair best with your latest dilemmas or spiritual needs.
Read into your future with Nordic rune stones for self-clarification. Ground yourself and enhance your meditation session with healing crystals. Cleanse the room’s energy with smudging herbs. Complete the room’s aura with candles. Add to your home’s ambiance with special figures and talismans.
At Luna Bohemia, the spiritual possibilities are endless. Explore our shop today.

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Join the hundreds of visitors receiving light and love through Luna Bohemia’s shared network! Our community is like a family, and we want to keep you in the know so that you can maintain a successful spiritual journey. Enter your email below for every update, the latest workshops, and special offers!

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What Our Clients Say


We adore hearing all the positive feedback from our Luna Bohemia family and learning new ways to step up our game, inspired by you. Check out our testimonials today!

"Incredibly Helpful and Kind Staff!"

Joseph recently showed and taught me about the huge variety of incense products they sell and I ended up leaving with something better than what I was looking for! I highly recommend you at least go into Luna Bohemia and say hi! I’ll definitely be a regular for them now. 🙂

"I Love this Metaphysics Store!"

I’ve purchased a few things from this store – tarot cards, stones, jewelry, clothing, sage, and palo santo, and have purchased them all in different occasions (7 visits so far). The staff is wonderful, always helpful, and friendly. The store has this beautiful vibe to it and you feel like you’ve entered an enchanted realm when you walk into it. I highly recommend this store for all your spiritual instruments and needs!

"I Love The Energy Here!"

The moment you walk into this store you can feel the fantastic energy! I took my daughter with me for the first time last weekend and it was a great experience! We ended up getting some lovely birthday gifts for my mom and lots of beautiful things for us! The owner is lovely and the selection within the store is not only great but also priced well! I can’t wait to go back!

"Beautiful Spiritual Shop"

This beautiful spiritual shop/center has a variety of resources to help you make your space feel sacred – crystals, oils, incenses, herbs, soaps, candles, decorations, and more. The store is nicely decorated and the staff are helpful. You can also get readings and healings there and attend events like meditations and workshops to help you improve your life. Just be aware that parking may be tight sometimes in that plaza, so if you don’t see a regular parking space in front you may want to park along the street on 67th Ave. behind the shops.

Get Connected Through
Mind, Body & Soul

We have a unique arrangement of Metaphysical and Spiritual items. We take pride in being a metaphysical store where you can source everything for your spiritual growth and development. We handpick our items with love and gratitude. Take the time to walk around our shop and you will find unique treasures within your budget.

Protection & Clearing

Get rid of the negative energy in your life. Use crystals for protection and release negative energy from your space. Promote positive energy and light.

Wealth & Success

Promote prosperity into your life with the help of crystals and more. These products help you reach your financial and professional goals

Balance & Focus

Feeling foggy or off balance? These crystals help find stability in your life and clears your mind for enhanced concentration. Shop now!

Health & Wellness

Healing crystals can be used to promote mental, physical and emotional well-being. These metaphysical must-haves help you live your best!

Love & Happiness

Open your heart to love and happiness with the help of healing crystals! These products bring joy into your heart & let you experience all kinds of love.

New Beginnings

Everyone could use a fresh new start sometimes. Connect with our crystals for a transformative energy that will empower you to reset your life.

Passion & Creativity

Looking to express yourself in a more creative and passionate way? These crystals bring excitement in your professional and personal journeys

Spirituality & Faith

No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, healing crystals can help you connect with your higher power or deepen your connection to faith.

What We Offer

Metaphysical Essentials

Many think that spirituality and metaphysical healing is all about nonsense spells and mumbo jumbo. In truth, however, it is about balance. To maintain all forms of wellness (including mental, emotional, and spiritual, not only physical), we must contemplate the relationship between mind and matter. That is what our dedicated staff is highly trained in, and what our products, services, and classes are all about.Begin your spiritual healing journey with Luna Bohemia’s Metaphysical Essentials: we have an expansive assortment of private readings, group classes, relaxing products, and more. Explore all that we offer below.

Private Readings

Ever wonder what your future has in store? Or what you’re keeping bundled inside? Open your mind to a metaphysical way of healing! Our gifted team can help guide you on your emotional and physical journey.


Group Workshops & Classes

Continue your spiritual journey alongside some like-minded, kindred spirits. Our group classes are the best way to take metaphysical skills into your own hands. Sign up to be a part of our group meditation, astrology, reiki healing sessions and more. Register for an upcoming class now, or view our calendar for more information.

New Arrivals

The world of metaphysical healing is constantly growing. This means we are constantly finding new, exciting products, and learning new ways to enhance your journey. Luna Bohemia gets new metaphysical products to our shop every day! Be the first to explore our collection of crystals, candles, statues and more.

Healing Crystals

Imbued with many spiritual applications, crystals can be used for healing, meditation, energy work, grounding, and channeling. Consult one of our excellent staff members and find the right crystal for your needs, at Luna Bohemia!

Latest news

Our Blogs

If you’re just getting started in the world of spiritual healing and relaxation, there’s a lot to learn! And if you’re pretty well versed, there’s still always something new to learn. Keep up with the ins and outs of chakra balancing, meditation, Reiki healing, astrology, rune reading, and a wide variety of other topics with the Luna Bohemia blog! Our updates are designed to teach everything you need to know to pick the right products, engage is the right practices, and keep up with the latest spiritual trends!

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